Be your own boss

We know finding jobs can be difficult, that's why we've made it super easy to find jobs suited to you!

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Apply from anywhere

How does replacing stuffy job centres and job boards with an app you can use from the comfort of your sofa sound? Yeah we thought so!

Apply at the touch of a button

Once you've created your profile and added your qualifications and licenses, simply select which shifts you're interested in and tap to apply.

Always Stay up to Date

Dashboard & calendar

We help you stay organised - as soon as you open the app you will see all of your upcoming shifts and how to get to them.

For times where you want to get an overview of what your month looks like or check on an application, head over to the calendar.

Reach out to companies

Message companies

As soon as you get approved for a shift you can message the company with any questions you might have.

message us

The Orka team is always reachable through the app. We love interacting with our users so drop any questions or feedback you have! We will do our best to help you.

Stay on top of your earnings

From the moment you apply to a shift, Orka Works provides complete transparency of your estimated earnings and pay dates.

See a historical breakdown of all earnings through the app.

Withdraw early

Our Instant Pay technology allows all workers access to their earned income as soon as a timesheet is approved.

No more waiting until pay day, have peace of mind you can flexibly withdraw earnings in case of a rainy day ☔️

Ditch the CV

Get out what you put into your profile. Showcase your qualifications and experience to help prospective companies get to know you better.

The better the profile – the better the job.

Ready to get started?