A solution that helps bring flexibility to seasonal security demands

The challenge

The supply of G4S’s security services needs to be flexible in order to meet seasonal demand – particularly around public holidays and major seasonal events.  As we all know, public holidays like Christmas can be extremely busy for businesses, particularly for those clients needing additional security cover. Not only can filling security vacancies be tricky, but getting people with the right licences, expertise and knowledge can prove costly in terms of time and expense.

The solution

I was introduced to the Orka Works platform by a colleague and quickly sought to discover its benefits and how to post vacancies via the handy video tutorial it offers. I’m now using Orka Works as a preferred supplier for all of my recruitment needs, and I’m confident that by using the platform we can deliver on client needs time and time again.  
When it comes to employing temporary workers for our security services, I can pre-assess every candidate that comes to me via the Orka Works app. The app makes this an intuitive process and brings a level of transparency that enables us to find the right candidate for a role easily and efficiently. Making contact with prospective workers is also an easy process via the app, meaning that my team can quickly contact individuals to make sure they are exactly the right fit – particularly when it comes to their past ‘on the job’ experience.

The outcome

The seasonal fulfilment of my clients’ security needs is no longer a challenge, as Orka Works enables me to draw on a whole community of quality workers across all of the different geographies we operate in. It’s a fantastic asset to have in our armoury and allows us to deliver a consistent service to clients.